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Premium Gun Optics for the Serious Shooter

Whether on the competition range or in the field, one thing is certain: every shot matters. Marksmanship unifies fine skill and precision engineering. When landing that clean hit is of paramount for performance, you can always count on Keystone Accuracy to help you finish the job. As your supplier of custom firearms and shooting accessories, high precision is second nature to us. With our premium gun optics, no target is too far for you.

We are proud to be authorized dealers for two of the most respected names in rifle scopes and precision sighting instruments: Nightforce Optics and March Optics. From competition to tactical applications, these scopes are designed and built to last. Upgrade your firearms platform and see the difference.

Nightforce Optic

Nightforce Optics--Tough and Uncompromising

Reliable optics can make all the difference. However, not all shooting situations will be the same. You may be deep in the brush or out on patrol. In any case, you need equipment that you can swear on your life. That’s where Nightforce Optics comes in.

This manufacturer is well-known for producing some of the most durable scopes on the market. These scopes are great for hunting and service rifles alike. Our custom gun shop carries fixed rifle scopes from their Competition line. You are more than welcome to call us for availability and pricing information on these high-power rifle scopes.

Nightforce Specs
Additional Information Nightforce Press Release

High-Performance Rifle Parts and Much More

From service rifle scopes to long-range optics, you’ll find everything you need at our custom rifle shop. With our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we can help you build the ideal platform for any shooting application.

Our selection of riflescopes features models in different reticles, magnifications, and sizes. We can even machine objective lens caps and other high-performance rifle parts to meet your needs. Simply contact us, and we’ll design the right firearm for you.

March Competition Rifle Scopes
-offer premium optical clarity with superior tracking ability-

Due to the anticipation of the CMP/NRA rules change for high power rifle competition, there has been much anticipation regarding what rifle scopes are going to be the best in class to ensure user function and repeatability. I have been very fortunate to be on the leading edge of the rules change and also had a fair amount of influence in how the rules would finally flesh out. With great anticipation, I have acquired several different rifle scopes that I thought may be suitable for use. Unfortunately, most scope manufacturers have large advertising budgets which afford them to rest on their laurels and continue to put out a product that is truly no better than optics that cost less than half as much.

Below, you will find some very popular models that are extremely well suited to High Power & PRS rifle competition.


Service Rifle Scopes

March optics is an extremely high-quality optics manufacturer who stepped up to the plate and designed a product that is not only suitable; it has all of the features that make it perfect for the high power service rifle. The key features are:

Rifle Scopes
  • 4.5x maximum power
  • Fully adjustable parallax (a big plus)
  • Elevation "zero set" for a positive elevation benchmark
  • 25 moa elevation per revolution!
  • Extremely positive clicks
  • 1/2 moa floating center dot (MAR1071)
  • 1 1/4 moa floating center dot (MAR1086 & MAR 1087)
  • Illuminated center dot (MAR1071 & MAR1087 only)
  • 1/4 moa click adjustments
  • Second focal plane reticle (reticle remains the same size through the range of magnification)

MTR 5 Reticle

MSRP: $2750
Our price: Please call for pricing and availability
Prices include shipping!!!

Continental U.S. only, AK & HI require additional shipping 
Please call for special ordering.

MTR-D2 Reticle

New for 2017 from March Optics:
MAR1086 & MAR1087(illuminated)

March Optics has developed a new reticle for 2017 to incorporate a slightly larger reticle for position shooting. This new reticle is very easy to see and has all of the desirable features of some of their other optics offerings.

The MTR-D2 reticle on the MAR1071 has been specially designed for precision shooting with a 1/2 moa floating center dot when viewed through the second focal plane.

Match & Tactical or PRS Rifle Scopes
Keystone Accuracy is a full line dealer of March optics in the US. March offers a large product line in both first and second focal plane scopes. Many of the scopes are offered with or without reticle illumination and both MOA and Milrad calibration. Below are just a few of the models available, which are extremely well suited for various types of rifle competition. To see all of the models and reticles available, please visit the March USA website for full details by clicking here----> MARCH USA WEBSITE

Tactical Rifle Scope

Scope - Rifle Parts

Crosshair Graph 1
Crosshair Graph 2
Crosshair Graph 3
Crosshair Graph 4
MSRP: $2295 & $2995
Our price: Please call for price and availability (MAR1011, MAR1012, MAR1013 MAR1063)
Illuminated models: Please call for price and availability (MAR1014, MAR1015, MAR1016)
Prices include shipping!!!
Continental U.S. only, AK & HI require additional shipping
Please call for special ordering.image

Objective Lens Cap

Objective Lens Caps

Available for many scope models. Currently being produced for a 30mm main tube, but will also be produced in other sizes if the demand is there.
They are CNC lathe turned from black Delrin and slip on with a slight friction fit. They are 1" deep and drilled on center. Notice that the friction fit is only on the mouth of the cap so that a tight fitting cap is not lodged on the main tube, making it difficult to get off if needed.

Currently available with 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8" hole sizes

Price: $15 each, three for $40
Please call to order.

Competition-Ready Premium Gun Optics

Always hit the mark when you choose the premium gun optics available from Keystone Accuracy. As an authorized dealer of Nightforce Optics and March Optics, we want to deliver the industry’s top performing optics for you to use in competition or in the field. These scopes are designed to significantly improve your accuracy and come with a number of features to help you make precise and repeatable shots. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the best rifle scope to fit your needs.

Tactically Superior

When working with a high-powered service rifle, you want to ensure you have an accurate scope, so you do not miss your target. That’s why we only offer the best rifle scopes that the industry has to offer. We also provide other custom gun parts to further improve the accuracy of your rifle, giving you a tactical edge both on the range and in the field.

With the customizations available with our parts and scopes, you will have a rifle that gives you the precision needed to never miss the mark even over long distances.  So whether you are using your rifle for hunting or for competition, trust our scopes to give you the advantage you need to always hit your target.  

Contact us when you are looking for premium gun optics for your high-powered rifle. We proudly serve customers throughout the United States.