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The .22 LR Match Uppers

Match Grade Uppers, Pistol & Rifle barrels

There have been many different .22 LR conversion units that have been developed over the decades for the AR-15. None have incorporated an integral feed ramp into the breech face. One of the oldest and most abundant in the last 50 years was the Army M261 M16 conversion unit, which is still currently used by many. This unit functioned well enough to train the troops but did encounter quite a few jams regardless of ammo used due to the inherent nature of its design. It uses a flat non-ramped breech face, causing quite a few of the soft lead projectiles to get stuck on the sharp chamber, resulting in a malfunction.

We Choose To Use the CMMG unit (Stag Arms/Ceiner)

Other units have made functional developments, but we choose to use the CMMG stainless steel conversion unit for all dedicated .22 uppers. The production of a barrel is a bit more costly due to the extra steps, but the cost is easily justified for the following reasons:

  • It is the only one to utilize an integrated feed ramp in the unit, which gets duplicated in a 1:16 twist stainless steel button rim fire barrel.
  • They are stainless steel, which makes for a virtually corrosion free and easy to clean surface.
  • They run extremely well even in a full auto application. 
  • They are also produced in both right and left-handed configuration for all to enjoy.
22 Caliber Ramp
Match Grade Uppers

Match Grade Upper

A .22 LR match grade upper is quite a bit different than a standard center fire match upper. A standard match grade AR barrel is contoured and threaded to accept a screw on the barrel extension, chambered, and crowned. A .22 barrel must use a .22 conversion kit. They are offered in both right and left-handed versions. They use a blow back operated bolt that slides on a rail and a .22 rim fire chamber adapter that fits into a standard .223 or 5.56 NATO chamber.

In the case of a match grade .22 LR upper, the chamber adapter is disposed of and the breech end of a 1:16" twist rim fire barrel is machined to accept the existing parts of the conversion unit. There are many steps that go into the production of this barrel due to the geometry of the working pieces. Contact us to learn how a .22 LR match upper benefit you.

Prices & Availability

All .22 LR uppers listed below are manufactured with a 416 stainless steel 1:16" twist button rifle match, quality-barrel unless otherwise specified by the customer. They are supplied with one 10 round or one 25 round magazine of your choice. Additional magazines are available for sale.

Several other button or single point cut barrel manufacturer that produce rim fire barrels are also available at your request. Additional price and availability are dictated by barrel manufacturer.

The .22 LR A3/A4 Service Rifle "Trainer"

Complete A4 NM flat top match ready upper with stainless 1:16" button rifle bbl, floating handguard tube (quad rails on request), complete with windage adjustable front sight with opposing flats milled into the bbl for this feature. It does not include carry handle or rear sight.

  • Price Complete, Post-Ban: Starting at $885
  • Price Complete, Pre-Ban: Starting at $915
  • NM Carry Handle W 1/4 Moa NM Sight: DISCONTINUED

The .22 LR Match or Tactical Rifle

Due to the vast variety of combinations that these rifles can be assembled in, it is best to call or email with the specific parts desired for a complete upper. You can also learn more about the pistol configuration when you call.

The .22 LR A2 Service Rifle 'Trainer'
  • Prices for Complete Upper: Starting At $850
  • Billet Upper Receiver Upgrade: Add $75
  • Side Charge Handle Installation: Add $125

Barrels Only & Combo Kits

Do you just need the barrel? No problem! All barrels a made from a single blank. Due to this fact, all standard button barrels as described above are the same price regardless of length or contour, with exception to pistol barrels.  Custom contours, lengths, and muzzle threads are available for a small additional fee and a customer drawing is required with all dimensions so that there are no assumtions made.  If no thread dimensions are provided at the time of order, a milspec thread will be included.
**As of spring 2018, barrel only requests will only be sold if the customer sends all components here for initial assembly & fitting, due to varying customer assembly skills.**

The .22 LR Single Round Bobsled

This single round load device was designed by Keystone Accuracy specifically for the Stag/CMMG .22 conversion unit. Shortly after, our team contacted Bob at the Original Bobsled to put into production. The result is a working single round load device that holds the bolt open after each singly fired shot. It functions with both the right and left-handed conversion units. They are available in the standard service rifle or a shorter version for the match rifle.

.22 LR Single Round Bobsled

Other Products:

  • The .22 LR Bobsled: $65 (if available)
  • **The .22 LR Rifle Length Barrel: $385
  • **Rifle Length Bbl & Conversion Unit w/one mag : $585
  • **The .22 LR Pistol Length Barrel (12" & Under): $285
  • **Pistol Bbl & Conversion Unit w/one Mag: $485

Additional Barrel Options:

  • Kreiger, Lilja, Hart, Etc.: Call for Pricing & Availability
  • Extra Mags for Stag/CMMG .22 Conversion Units: Call for Pricing & Availability
  • Additional Magazines: $20

Extra Mags
Please reach out to us for more information on precision pinned national match rear sights. We are happy to assist.

**As of spring 2018, barrel only requests will only be sold if the customer sends all components here for initial assembly & fitting, due to varying customer assembly skills.**