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Ruger Precision Rifle Barrels

Ruger Barrel

Keystone Accuracy is your source for high-quality Ruger Precision Rifle barrels. Contact us to order the specialty parts you need to improve your rifle’s performance. Currently, Ruger manufacturers barrels in two bolt faces: .223 and .308. This means that your choice of cartridges is virtually limitless. Cartridges that we have include .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6 mm Creedmoor, and .223 Remington, but others are available upon request.

Barrel Contours

Barrels start with a 1"-diameter shank at the receiver and can vary in diameter toward the muzzle.
1” x 4" shank, 1" (.980") straight cylinder from shank to muzzle
1” x 4" shank w/straight taper to muzzle at .900"
Med: 1” x 4" shank with Palma (double) taper to muzzle at .820"
Light: 1” x 4" shank with Palma (double) taper to muzzle at .750"

416 Stainless button barrels:
Up to 26": $419

Premium single-point cut rifle barrels:
416 stainless Krieger blanks are used unless a special order is requested
Up to 28": $619

**longer blanks are available at additional cost**

Gunsmith/Hobbyist Barrels

We offer custom rifle parts including fully contoured, crowned, and threaded gunsmith barrels for home machinists who wish to install their own chamber. Call us to ask about single-piece and quantity pricing. Depending on variables such as barrel brand, length, and any additional features, prices will range from $220 to $450.

To the right, you can see a 416 stainless steel barrel that is CNC-machined to tight tolerances that match a factory Ruger barrel. We machine all barrels from a 1.20" or 1.25" blank in order to accommodate all factory Ruger breech dimensions. We hand-select all barrels to give you the best accuracy without breaking your wallet.

Ruger Muzzle

Ruger Muzzle


All Ruger Precision Rifle barrels are drop-in fit barrels. However, the proper head-space gauges and tools are required in order to install them properly. We highly recommend using a competent gunsmith if you are not sure how to install your barrel.


Muzzle options

We offer barrels in both post-ban and pre-ban configurations. “Ban” is simply the term that stuck after the Clinton gun ban of 1994, which expired in 2004. Common muzzle threads are 1/2-28 and 5/8-24. Add $40 for this option.