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A5 Service Rifle Update

AR-15 Optical Service Rifle Uppers Are Here

Complete AR-15 optical service rifle uppers are here to stay. Due to the much-anticipated rule changes for both the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) and the NRA, to include optical sights, there has been a steady request for options for this upper. We now have a complete product lineup of optical uppers to choose from.
Price: $175 plus return shipping

Hand-Crafted & Match-Proven

Keystone Accuracy uppers are hand-crafted and match-proven. They are built with serious service rifle competition in mind and can be found up and down the firing line at rifle ranges all over the United States, including the National Matches at Camp Perry.

Gas Blocks

Low Profile Gas Block

  • Not Compatible With All Float Tubes Due To Sling Loop Location Extending Beyond Barrel Shoulder

YHM Single-Rail Gas Block

  • Compatible With All Float Tubes, Rifle Length or Shorter
  • Available In Pre-Ban or Post-Ban
  • Currently Available In Post-Ban At This Time

CLE Single-Rail Gas Block

  • Compatible With Most Float Tubes, Rifle Length or Shorter

Flip Down Front Sight Gas Block

  • Compatible Will All Float Tubes Rifle Length or Shorter & Is the Proper "F" Height
  • Available In Pre-Ban or Post-Ban
  • Currently Available In Pre-Ban At This Time

Float Tube/Quad Rail Options

Since there are so many quad rails on the market today, we have narrowed our standard choice down to the YHM SLR rail, however we will certainly assemble with the customer's choice at request. All will feature an integrated front sling swivel if possible by current CMP equipment rules:

Every A5 conversion will undergo a free 10 point inspection:

  • check muzzle crown for any damage or excessive wear
  • check chamber for proper headspace
  • inspect bolt face
  • inspect bolt tail dimension
  • inspect carrier bore
  • inspect cam pin
  • inspect firing pin
  • check gas system for any obstruction
  • check gas tube for serviceability
  • inspect float tube for any damage
Float Tube & Quad Rail

Do Already Have a Quad Rail That You Like?

Do you need a sling swivel installed? No problem! Many of you have quad rails that we are very happy with. However, the quad rails may not have a sling swivel attached to them. Rather than searching the internet for a bulky aluminum Picatinny sling mount, you have the option of sending it here for an upgrade. We can easily attach a mil-spec front sling swivel to most Picatinny rails with a hardened 1/8" steel roll pin in a cross drilled hole and milled pocket. This option offers a rock solid fail free mounting point with an 1800 lb breaking strength. Swivel installation is $40.