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A Word About Barrels — Button Vs. Cut Rifling

Many customers often call and have questions regarding the significant difference between button rifling and a single-point cut rifle barrel. In short, it all has to do with vastly different manufacturing processes. Both processes have been around for several decades, both yielding extreme accuracy and fine performance. As a result, Keystone Accuracy confidently offers both types.

Button Barrels

All button barrels are fundamentally manufactured in the same manner regardless of manufacturer's asking price, which is a much faster and less expensive method of rifling. As a result, button barrels are often significantly less expensive and are said to yield about 20% less life than cut rifling, while still delivering a fine performance.

Single-Point Cut Rifling

Single-point cut rifling is the older of the two methods and is more time consuming, but is often cited as holding accuracy significantly longer. It also seems to show more gradual signs of expiration over a button rifled barrel.


So, Which Is Better?

The answer lies with how often the barrel will be used and your budget. Our customers have done well in rifle competition with both types, but our personal opinion is that at the same barrel blank cost, we'd use and recommend a cut rifle barrel every time. Conversely, at a significant cost difference, a button barrel should be considered. This is precisely why we offer virtually the same button rifle barrel for approximately $200 less than a comparable single point cut rifle barrel. Either way, you'll get the finest barrel available dollar for dollar.


Barrels for Virtually Any Application

Rifle barrels come in many different sizes, shapes, calibers, and configurations. They are also meant for many different firearms platforms. At Keystone Accuracy, we do them all and do them well. Much of what we do is geared toward rifle competition, police & military, and hunting applications where accuracy and performance are an absolute must since there is no such thing as a second chance.

We specialize in rifle barrels for high-end bolt actions rifles of all types, the AR-15 platform, and the larger cousin, the AR-10/LR .308 platforms for big game hunting, tactical, and competition applications. Keystone Accuracy barrels can be found in hard core competition all over the United States, as well as on high-end rifles taken to other continents for big game hunting.

Keystone Accuracy is fully licensed with the BAFTE with a Type 07 (manufacturer's) FFL and can accept and barrel or re-barrel virtually any rifle action.

Barrels and actions that are commonly chambered at Keystone Accuracy are as follows, but certainly not limited to:

Gas Gun Barrel Contours

  • AR-15 (Milspec)
  • AR-10 / LR308 (Non-Milspec)

With exception to a standard service rifle contour, AR-15 & AR-10 barrel contours are virtually limitless. For the AR-15, the most contour is 1" or .875" under the handguard from the breech to the gas block. Gas block tenons range in diameter from .750" to .936". Forward of the gas block is normally just under the gas block diameter in order to get the gas block on without scratching up the barrel. AR-10s are generally the same, with exception that they start out at 1.200" at the breech and taper immediately to the desired diameter under the handguard. All of the gas gun barrels range in gas length from one of the following lengths: pistol, carbine, mid-length, rifle length, & +2".

Bolt Actions

Common bolt action rifle actions include:

  • Remington
  • Winchester
  • Big Horn
  • Savage (drop in)
  • Ruger 
  • Mauser
  • Several Palma, long range, and tactical style actions  to include Stolle, RPA, Borden, Defiance, & Stiller....just to name a few.

If you don't happen to see it, just call and ask.  We do it in many standard and non-standard contours and chamberings custom tailored to your needs.  Please see our "Keystone Custom Shop" page for additional info.

Ruger Precision Rifle Drop-in barrels
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Gunsmith/Home Hobbyist Barrels

Gunsmith barrels also available. Home machinist want to install your own chamber? No problem, we offer fully contoured and threaded barrels, without a chamber installed for a significant reduction in cost to you. Please call for single piece and quantity pricing.

Small Arms Sporting Cartridges

Keystone Accuracy can chamber in almost any small arms sporting cartridge that you can imagine except some proprietary cartridges that have not been released for public consumption. If you have a cartridge in mind that does not have a reamer or reloading dies available, we can also make it happen pretty easily. However, it will take a bit longer to have a custom reamer produced.

Current Common AR-15 Cartridges Offered:

  • .20 Practical
  • .223 Rem, (Wylde)
  • .223 Rem, (CLE)
  • .220 Thunderbolt
  • .224 Valkyrie
  • .240 Tomahawk
  • 6mmx45 (6mm-.223)
  • 6mm Hagar
  • 6.8 SPC II
  • .300 AAC Blackout

Common AR-10, LR308 Cartridges:

  • .243 Win
  • .260 Rem
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • .308 Win
  • .358 Win
  • Several more, please call for details

Bolt Acton Cartridges

Keystone Accuracy does have a type 07 manufacturer's FFL, so bolt action and other firearms have become commonplace in our shop. Asa a result, the list of cartridges has become pretty extensive since you can chamber a bolt action rifle in just about any cartridge. Please call for specific requests.  We have many chamber reamers on hand and certainly not afraid to order others.  Common cartridges range in size from light .223 Rem to the hefty .375 Cheytac with many many in between.